"Scarlett rearranged her schedule so the two of them could come back together after we moved on to finish the fight. Because she wanted to do it with Jeremy, she didn’t want it just to be over a double and over a double." Joss Whedon on Jeremy Renner’s injury on set in the Avengers commentary

It never felt like I was the next Katniss….I am a boy.

Dylan O’Brien, Press Conference at WonderCon x (via dylanslilnugget)

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"He just needs to know that in the end I was a good father" 

"He was a good man and he would have been a great father"

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I’ve spend my whole life running from one thing to another. Quitting and running, and quitting and running […] I know that i come with baggage and a best friend who is not going anywhere ever but i promise you that from this moment forward, the only running that i’ll be doing, is into your arms

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ned: “you know what our problem is?”
chuck: “if you’re referring to the touching thing, I see it as more of an obstacle than a problem!”

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We loved this scene between Mickey and everyone in the alibi. Such an important moment for him to realize that no one cared whether he was gay or not.

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